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Brand Overview: Sea Fishing Accessories

Sea fishing for cod, mackerel, or plaice calls for special tackle. No matter if you are surf, boat or pier fishing your tackle should be extremely solid and of course saltwater resistant; and cannot be affected by fighting with specimen cods and heavy pirk weights. At the Askari Fishing Online Shop you can find a great range of sea fishing tackle like sea fishing rods, multiplier reels, torpedos, pirks, etc. Select your fishing equipment from items by our private brands Kogha, Lago, Perca, Riverman, Seapoint, and Silverman as well as by a great variety of other popular brands like Balzer, Behr Angelsport, Eisele Seafishing, Quantum & WFT.

Sea Fishing Accessories – Our Private Brands

No matter if you are surf casting using Kogha ASKOR Long Cast Surf Reel or mackerel fishing using Riverman Ultratip Mackerel Sea Fishing Rods, your tackle has to be able to endure a lot. Artificial lures like the Seapoint Banana Pirks are due to the streaming relatively heavy; hence the perfect sea fishing rod, for instance the Silverman Surf Spider Rod, has to be able to tolerate a lot of pressure, but also has to have enough backbone for great fighting. Corrosion due to being exposed to saltwater all the time can attack your fishing gear therefore a lot of Askari's tackle is saltwater-resistant.

Kogha Kogha offers various interesting sea fishing reels, starting with the powerful Kogha ASKOR Long Cast Surf Reel and the Tiran Baitcast all the way to the multiplier reel for Norway anglers, the Kogha Xito Linecounter . The Armagon Uptide Sea Fishing Rod will challenge your strength. Cutter anglers will love the Kogha Trolling Boat Rod Holder, the Ultra Boat Gaff, and Kogha's Supreme Pirks & Wobbler Bags de Luxe.
Perca Perca offers great sea fishing accessories at great prices. The range of this brand includes handy helpers like Boat Rod Holders, the useful Perca Deluxe Railing Rod Securer or the Stainless Steel Landing Gaff, which have already proven their value to a lot of boat anglers. Using Perca will add a lot of fun to your fishing for cod and co.!
Riverman Riverman Sea Fishing Rods and Reels are perfectly fit for rough seas. Here is where the Riverman Ultratip Norway Rod can demonstrate its strength. Besides this Norway model there are also a lot of target fish rods for fishing for mackerel, herring, etc. included in Perca's line. This in combination with Riverman QX Stationary Reel makes for a great combo!
Seapoint If there is a stiff breeze at the beach get your wind protection by using the Seapoint Beach Shelter. The Seaapoint Artificial Lure Program is very extensive: secondary lures, torpedos, cod twisters, or the Seapoint Mackerel Traces, you can find everything you need for your day at the beach or on the boat.
Silverman Silverman also offers great fishing tackle for the rough usage at the sea. Silverman Surf Spider Rods for boat and beachcasting or Silver Flash Tele Boat Rods for cutter fishing: Silverman Sea Fishing Rods will prepare you perfectly for all kinds of sea fishing.

Sea Fishing Accessories – Our TOP Brands

Balzer Germany's large fishing gear manufacturer offers a great range of sea fishing tackle including sea fishing rods, baitcast reels or multiplier reels as well as several accessories such as sea fishing rigs and traces. Balzer Adrenalin Boat 30/50 Rods are extremely suitable for cutter and boat fishing. For pirking Balzer 71° North Power Pirk Rods and Performer Sea Pirk Fishing Rods have proven their value. As a sea anglers are spoilt for choices when it comes to the right reel: Should they choose between a regular, a multiplier, or a baitcast reel? Balzer offers all of these: Metallica Black 6000 Sea Fishing Reels, OUTLAW Baitcaster as well as Balzer Tactics Sea 340-LH Multiplier Reels.
Behr Behr Fishing offers a great range of Sea Fishing Artificial Lures and Rigs and Traces. When you are standing at the railing or at the pier they will satisfy you with their effectiveness. Just as popular are the Behr Seabehr Mackerel Paternosters, Octopus Systems, and Norwegian Pirk Systems with Double Twisters.
Eisele Seafishing Dieter Eisele is an institution when it comes to individual sea fishing rigs and traces and artificial lures. Hence the Eisele Sea fishing program pleases many anglers. Very popular are, among others, specimen traces, secondary lures, and deco pirks.
Quantum Powerful surf fishing rods are part of the great selection of Quantum's product line, for instance the Hypercast TX Surf. Combine it with the Quantum World Champion Surf Sea Fishing Reel and you get yourself a real dream team for catching specimen fish. When it gets stormy at the beach just use our Quantum Beach Shelter as a protector against icy winds.
WFT WFT sea fishing accessories is the first choice for many long-time sea anglers. Strength, endurance, and precision speak in their favour. With regards to the sea fishing sector the WFT Never Crack Fjordspin, Oceanic Pro Boat Rods, and WFT 68° North-Z-Line-models know how to please even the most demanding angler. The line of sea fishing reels also offers a great variety of products, like the Big Deep Sea Multiplier Reels or the Electra Speed Pirk Reels. An insider tip among boat anglers is the WFT Deluxe Harness.

Sea Fishing Accessories – More Brands

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Defu Pilker Exori Fenwick
Fin-Nor Flambeau Jackson
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Seabehr Silstar Solvkroken
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